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MJ Art and Photography gallery of my works.

Questions and Answers about MJ Art and Photography

Q: What is Metallic Paper?

A:  This is a high gloss photo paper with a pleasing slight warm tone over the print. The print will glow like light is coming from the paper. Solid colors and whites will have a greater effect from the paper that will make the color seem reflective. This paper will add more depth to any image.



Q: What are the canvas prints?

A: Images printed on canvas, has a more painting quality about it. The edges are not as sharp as what they would be printed on the other papers. There is also a canvas texture that will show through the image. This canvas can be displayed under glass in a frame, mounted to board and displayed in the open, or stretched and mounted on a gallery wrap. If your canvas print will be displayed in the open, I highly recommend coating it with a water-based protective sealant.